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Dental TechnologyAt Atrium Family Dental, we strive to always be on the cutting edge of dental technology. Your grandparents may tell you horror stories about the dental offices they visited – it usually involved sitting in a chair, having gigantic needles driven into their gums, waiting forever for the anesthetic to take effect, and then spitting blood into a basin and walking out either with a missing tooth or an unsightly mercury filling.

We’ve come a long way. Your oral health and cosmetic dental goals are much more easily achieved with the variety of new technology that’s available. We can perform most procedures far more effectively, with reduced recovery time, fewer side effects, and more precise results. And we will never, ever, make you spit blood into a basin.

Waterlase Soft-Tissue Laser
One of the most difficult things to deal with when you visit a dentist office is drilling. It’s never pleasant – even with anesthetic, you will feel pressure in your mouth. A drill works by causing friction. It generates heat, and if you’re not properly anesthetized (although we’re very good at numbing you at Atrium Family Dental) you could experience pain. The very best case scenario is that the anesthetic will cause numbness in your lips, so don’t even think that you can go out for a cappuccino afterward and not spill it all over yourself.

WaterLase is a simple, easy laser technology that can remove decay from your teeth in about half the time as conventional drilling, and with no anesthetic needed. At Atrium Family Dental, we use it for regular fillings as well as root canals. Not everyone is a candidate for this treatment, but it’s definitely an option for many patients.

DIAGNOdent Cavity Detection

Dental TechnologyIf you’re going to maintain good oral health, it’s essential that cavities are identified before they have a chance to develop further. DIAGNOdent is a system that operates using a laser light to detect early signs of decay. Even the smallest cavities can be detected early on, so they can be treated before they become problematic and cause further damage to the structure of your tooth.

A visual examination by your dentist may not pick up on tiny cavities. For that matter, even an X-ray may not find cavities that are in their very early stages. The DIAGNOdent system will find cavities almost the minute that they occur, so you can take measures to stop decay before it erodes the structure of your tooth to the point where you need large fillings or even extensive reconstructive work.

Digital X-Rays

55-minUnlike traditional X-ray technology, Digital X-rays are not as likely to produce harmful radiation. In order to keep children and families safe, Atrium Family Dental utilizes Digital X-rays to produce a clear, digital image of the mouth. Environmentally friendly and less-toxic, Digital X-rays also offer a more accurate diagnosis of any problems in your mouth.

IntraOral Cameras

One of the ways that we determine the best treatments for you at Atrium Family Dental is through the use of devices like intra-oral cameras.

112-minAn intra-oral camera is a small video camera that your dentist holds in his hand so that he can take pictures of your teeth. Then those pictures are magnified by as much as 25 times, and projected onto a screen. You can see everything that’s going on in your mouth – all those damaged fillings, decayed areas, plaque deposits and worn teeth. If you like, we can even print off an image for you to take home.

Essentially, the images provide a kind of “road map” for determining the extent and types of dental treatment you need. It’s just another tool we use at Atrium Family Dental to deliver the best possible oral care to you and your family.

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening


Did you know that only 35%of oral cancers are diagnosed before they progress? That’s because up until now, the screening techniques have been limited to examining the surface of the mouth.

Pre-cancerous conditions actually begin below the surface, and aren’t detectable by the naked eye. That’s why, even as survival rates for other types of cancers have improved over the decades, the survival rate for oral cancer has remained essentially the same.

VELscopeVELscope is a revolutionary new method of diagnosing oral cancer below the surface. With conventional methods, the 5-year survival rate is 52%. When it’s found early on, with VELscope, it actually increases to more than 80%.

At Atrium Family Dental, we use the VELscope procedure to detect oral cancer in its early stages, thereby vastly improving your chances of a full recovery.

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  • Dr. Sudman was my dentist at Cambridge. Always Great service, beautiful facility, and the kids love everyone there. We're all very pleased.
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  • Great Dentist and Staff! Very happy with the progress of my Invisalign.
    National Dental Reviews

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