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Specialized Dental TreatmentsAt Atrium Family Dental, we offer an array of treatments that will help to improve your oral health. Just to use a couple of examples, we can treat you for TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) and sleep apnea – many other dental clinics don’t offer those services. We also offer specific, patented treatments that can enhance your oral health, including:

Boil-and-Bite Mouth Guards

If you’re into sports, or your kids are, you need to know about Boil-and-Bite mouth guards. They’re one of the better ways to protect athletes from mouth injuries that can result in the need for costly dental restorative procedures. They’re available from your family dentist, and they can be customized to fit.

A Boil-and-Bite mouth guard is first softened by placing it in hot water. Then, the person using the appliance uses his or her fingers, tongue, lips and biting pressure to form a good seal over their teeth. Because it is custom-fit over the athlete’s teeth, it’s very much superior to standard mouth protectors. It’s not quite as good as a custom-made appliance that’s created for a very specific mouth, but it’s very close.

Laser Dentistry

SPECIALIZED DENTAL TREATMENTSThese days, lasers are used for just about everything – hair removal, weight loss, stop-smoking programs, and yes, dentistry. You know that when you visit the dentist the thing you fear most is the drill. Even with anesthetic, you still feel the vibration, and if you’re in the chair for a long time, the anesthetic could wear off, and there’s no good outcome when that happens.

At Atrium Family Dentistry, we use the WaterLase system. It’s laser technology that blasts decay off your teeth in about half the time of conventional drilling, and you don’t need anesthetic. We use it for fillings, and even root canals. There’s no pain at all, and you’ll be out of the chair in no time. It’s not perfect for all types of decay, but is effective for most.

Periodontics & Gum Grafting

A gum graft is a type of periodontal procedure that covers an exposed tooth root that is causing pain with tissue that’s harvested from other areas of your mouth and then grafted onto the problematic area.

When you have an exposed tooth root, it’s usually due to gum disease, but it could also be caused by trauma to your mouth.

The name, “gum grafting” sounds scary, but actually it’s a very sensible, minimally invasive procedure. The benefits of gum grafting include reduced tooth sensitivity, better gum health, and a better appearance.

Gum grafting is done under local anesthetic, and isn’t terribly invasive. Healing time is approximately six weeks,

Under Armour Performance Mouthwear

UA_PMG_wht-300x240At Atrium Family dental, we are an authorized provider of Under Armour Performance Mouth Guards, which are much more than typical mouth guards. With Under Armour, your smile will be protected and your athletic performance will be improved.

With Under Armour, your teeth are protected from virtually any type of sport-related impact. Under Armour fits perfectly, and even helps you to stop clenching your jaw when you’re training or competing.

Although we do recommend Boil-and-Bite mouth guards, if you want the ultimate in protection short of a custom mouth guard, we feel that Armour Performance Mouthwear is the best choice. On the court or on the field, Armour Performance Mouthwear can protect your smile. You know that you’ll benefit from the best possible mouth protection with Armour Performance Mouthwear.

Serious athletes need serious performance when it comes to mouth protection. Of all the options available, we feel that Armour Performance Mouthwear is the best. We can fit you with an Armour device. Just call us at 815-462-9990, or book online by visiting our Request Appointment page.

Children’s Dentistry

86-minYour child should begin visiting the dentist at a very young age. You might think that baby teeth don’t matter, but they do. They actually set the foundation for good dental health later on.

When your child has regular checkups, you know that they’re looked after over the long term, and that any problems that could occur with jaw and tooth development are dealt with.

When you bring your child to see us, we’d appreciate it if you don’t do anything to scare him or her. Please don’t use terms like “needle,” “drill” or “hurt.” Think about it – you’d be scared too!

Dr. Shane Sudman is very good with kids, great at getting them in the chair and putting them at ease. And once he’s done that, if your kid will promise that you’ll behave in the chair, he’ll consider treating you as well!


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  • Dr. Sudman was my dentist at Cambridge. Always Great service, beautiful facility, and the kids love everyone there. We're all very pleased.
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  • Great Dentist and Staff! Very happy with the progress of my Invisalign.
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  • Great Dentist and Staff! Very happy with the progress of my Invisalign.
    National Dental Reviews

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