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Family dentists typically accept patients of all ages. At Atrium Family Dentistry, anyone 3 or older is welcome. Typically, kids under 3 don’t really require much in the way of dental treatment.

Family DentistryAt Atrium Family Dentistry, your entire family can come to see the same dentist – Dr. Shane Sudman. He will take care of all your family members, from baby teeth right on up through to dentures. And of course he’ll work with you to make sure that your dental health is such that you may never need dentures.

From basic dental work, extractions, fillings and cleanings, Atrium Family Dental is your dental care provider. We also offer emergency services – if you lose a filling, break a tooth, or sustain any kind of mouth trauma, we’ll get you in to see us right away.

Oh, and by the way? To us, “family dentistry” doesn’t just mean that we look after your family. It means that you’re a part of our family, and  we’ll look after you.

Emergency Dental Care

Family DentistryFeeling major pain from a toothache? Lost a tooth in an accident? If you require emergency dental treatment, Atrium Family Dental Clinic in New Lenox is available for emergency dental procedures that include emergency extractions, emergency root canal treatment and abscess treatment.

For more information on emergency dental care from Atrium Family Dental Clinic please call us today at (815) 462-9990.

To learn more about children’s dentistry, read our other pages and blogs: Children’s Dentistry Overview, and Benefits of Children’s Dentistry.

We are always seen right away and my kids are very comfortable with Dr. Sudman which is usually not the case for doctors.” – National Dental Reviews


Patient Testimonials

  • Dr. Sudman was my dentist at Cambridge. Always Great service, beautiful facility, and the kids love everyone there. We're all very pleased.
    Google Review
  • Great Dentist and Staff! Very happy with the progress of my Invisalign.
    National Dental Reviews
  • Great Dentist and Staff! Very happy with the progress of my Invisalign.
    National Dental Reviews

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