• Dental Bridges FAQs

dental bridges faqsIf you are missing teeth and wondering how to replace them, you have several options, including implants, dentures and dental bridges. Dental bridges can often be a good choice, so read these dental bridges FAQs to learn more.

Dental Bridges FAQ #1: What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental Bridges are a means of replacing a missing tooth, or teeth in sequence by creating prosthetic teeth anchored to adjacent teeth. The missing teeth are replaced by fitting dental crowns into the gap between the existing teeth.

Dental Bridges FAQ #2: Why Would I Want a Dental Bridge?

If dental implants are not in your budget, a dental bridge can be the next best thing. A dental bridge can help preserve the integrity of the teeth on either side of the gap, and can work, to some extent, to forestall bone loss.

Dental Bridges FAQ #3: Are There Side Effects?

Hardly ever. Of course, any time that you have work done in your mouth, there is a risk of side effects like inflammation or infection, but with dental bridges, side effects are very rare.

Dental Bridges FAQ #4: What About Other Issues?

Problems with installing dental bridges are very rare. The main thing is that the adjacent teeth (the ones that are supporting the bridge) have to be in good shape. In this case, though, you can usually rely on your dentist, who is very unlikely to recommend a dental bridge if there is anything wrong with the adjacent teeth.

Dental Bridges FAQ #5: Are There Alternatives?

Dentists usually recommend dental implants as the best way of replacing missing teeth. However, dental implants are costly. No dentist is ever going to tell you that implants are the most cost-effective way of replacing missing teeth – the best way, yes, but the least expensive? No.

If dental implants are not in your budget, then you would do well to consider a dental bridge. Properly cared for, a dental bridge will last you a very long time, and, in fact, dental bridges are great choices for the elderly who, realistically, may not need a restorative treatment that will last for decades as implants will.

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