Learn how to correctly fit Boil-and-Bite Mouth guards with Dr. Shane Sudman:

Regardless of whether a sport is contact or non-contact, Boil-and-Bite mouth guards can helpprevent dental injuries, which most often include knocked-out front teeth, delayed tooth loss, chipped, broken or worn teeth, or teeth in need of caps and/or root canal treatment.

Boil-and-Bite mouth guards are a popular choice for athletes, with over 90% of professionals choosing Boil-and-Bite mouth guards to protect their smile during training and competitions.

As their name might indicate, Boil-and-Bite mouth guards are immersed in boiling water for about 30 seconds, transferred to cold water to cool off and then bitten into to adapt to your particular bite and tooth shape. Our friendly staff at Atrium Family Dental can help you with the process if you would like.

Boil-and-bite mouth guards are available for adults and youth at Atrium Family Dental.