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Everyone smiles for many different reasons. There is a certain something about a smile which makes it flexible and usable for many different situations and expressions. Here are some of the most common type of smile that we usually use, the differences in their meaning and their use on different occasions.

Of course the first type of smile is the happy smile. This is pretty easy to identify. If a person is pleased with something they experienced or if they are enjoying something, they will typically give a smile to display their joy. This can have minor differences as a happy smile can convey love, sweetness, acceptance, kindness, and so on.

The second type of smile is the embarrassed smile. This usually happens when we do something unintentionally that may have an effect on another person. The embarrassed smile lessens the impact of the mistake or oversight and tries to elicit a kinder response from the person affected by the incident.

Another type of smile is the attentive smile. This is a small grin on the face of a person who’s listening intently and is able to absorb and take in everything that’s being said. This is a form of pleasure response although not completely obvious. This is also the flirty smile. Men and women wear this smile to show their interest in someone else.

The fourth type of smile is the devious smile. This smile is used to hide someone’s real thoughts or emotions from the public. This is also called the fake smile that’s meant to mislead other people.

Finally, you have the social smile, which is meant to show respect, openness and trustworthiness. People usually wear this smile when they are meeting new people or in a large social event. People typically smile to show appreciation to the people who organized the event and their guests.

Every day we have many uses for our smiles. This is why it is important to not only express ourselves freely through our smiles, but to take care of our oral health. Atrium Family Dental offers you personalized dental care services that will help you improve your smile and keep it healthy and strong.